New year, new you – how the Careers Centre can help

Joshua Crofts
Monday 17 January 2022

As we begin the New Year, consider making the most of what the Careers Centre can offer you.

We have posted on this blog before about the services we make available to students, alumni, and staff, and how to access many of them through CareerConnect. Whether you are looking for appointments with careers and CV advisers, careers events, networking opportunities, or quality-assured information about applying for a job or exploring your career options, we have a great deal to offer you.

In this post, I’ll be giving you an overview of the suite of online resources to which the Careers Centre subscribes which can help kickstart your New Year’s career aspirations. From CV checking software to tailored information on working almost anywhere in the world, these resources can help you with some of the most important aspects of your career journey.


CareerSet gives you immediate, AI-generated feedback on your CV, whenever you want it. It does this by scoring your CV out of 100 and providing advice on how you can improve it. This includes feedback on length, formatting, use of language, and the content of your bullet points. CareerSet also lets you upload a job description to help tailor your CV to a specific job or internship opportunity, and lets you do the same for a cover letter.

Students can sign-up using their university email address. On your first login, your account is created and you will be asked to accept the privacy policy and terms of use.

Graduates can sign up with their personal email address by entering an access code –email to request the code.

If you want to find out more about how to make the most out of CareerSet, take a look at our dedicated blog post.


Interview360 helps you practise interviews by letting you record yourself answering questions and giving you AI-generated feedback on your performance. This includes how quickly you’re speaking, your use of filler words, and the quality of your camera and microphone. This means Interview360 can help you prepare for both in-person and video interviews. Questions, time-limits, interview length and more can be customised, letting you tailor your practice to your own situation.

Both students and graduates can access Interview360 through our interview skills page.


GoinGlobal provides comprehensive advice and guidance, written by local experts, on working in over 45 countries and cities, all over the world. Information is provided on local CV and cover letter practice, the main places for finding jobs, the country’s interview expectations, salary information, general cultural advice, and much more. If you are considering a career outside the UK – or even within it – you should give GoinGlobal a go.

Both students and graduates can access GoinGlobal through our jobs outside the UK page.

Graduates First

Graduates First provides a wide selection of practice psychometric and personality tests. This includes verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning tests, as well as situational judgement and Watson Glaser assessments. Not only are general tests available, but also tests used by specific graduate employers, such as IBM, HSBC, and PwC. If you know that you will need to take a psychometric test as part of a selection process, Graduates First is likely to be able to help you.

Students can sign-up using their university email address.

Graduates should contact if they would like access.

Where next?

If you want more information about these resources, the Careers Centre will be running a 45-minute event on them on Thursday 27 January, from 1pm to 1.45pm.

If you are looking for help with other careers questions, or more personalised support, you can always book an appointment with us. Consider also browsing our website for further advice on the different stages of career planning.

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