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The blog posts content that is relevant to all students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, as well as graduates of the University. 

 You can expect to find things like: 

  • careers advice from the Careers Centre’s careers advisers and CV advisers 
  • student experiences of work and internships 
  • alumni thoughts on finding jobs after graduation 
  • updates on the world of work, and what this means for you 
  • information on the Careers Centre’s internship programmes, appointments and events 
  • how to make the most from the careers resources that the Careers Centre can offer you. 

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You could write about your experience of a job, internship or work experience programme, and what you learned from them. You could also share a positive experience of using the Careers Centre or a particular resource we offer. If you are an alumnus, you could talk about how you found the right role for you after graduation. We welcome posts on any of these topics and more, so feel free to pitch what interests you.

When thinking about your idea, you should try to write about your personal experiences, rather than give advice to others. Likewise, though you are free to talk about challenging experiences, we ask you to avoid negative comments about a particular company or organisation. Please try to keep your post between 500 and 1,000 words, and include a photograph of yourself when you submit your post to us. You can also submit additional images with your post, but please ensure these are not copyrighted if you choose to do so. Alternatively, we can add a suitable image to your post.

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