Making the most of CareerSet

Tracey Dall
Thursday 9 November 2023

Discover CareerSet – an enhanced AI-based platform designed to improve your CV and cover letter for future job applications.

With CareerSet, you can:

  • Get a CV score and optimise it with personalised, actionable feedback.
  • Align your CV to specific job descriptions with pinpoint keywords and skills.
  • Amplify your cover letter’s impact with thorough core and relevancy checks.
  • NEW! Benefit from writing suggestions powered by GPT technology. You will find the GPT integration within the line-by-line analysis via ‘Score My CV’.

Instant CV feedback with CareerSet

The AI-powered CV review platform instantly scores your CV on key criteria recruiters and hiring managers look for:

  • Upload your CV in PDF format to get detailed, personalised feedback in 30 seconds
  • Understand where your CV stands among your peers
  • Learn what recruiters are looking for
  • Upload your CV as many times as you like to improve your score iteratively.

CareerSet’s ScoreMyCV has been designed to check chronological standard CV formats. If your CV has unusual formatting or layout, or is more unconventional (such as being creative, skills-based or academic), you may find it more helpful to book a CV advice appointment. CareerSet gives CV advice applicable to the UK, US and other English-speaking countries. If you are thinking for applying for a job elsewhere and would like help with your CV, consider visiting our Jobs outside the UK page.

Target your CV to specific job descriptions

  • Upload a job description and find out how to tailor your CV to a specific role, based on keywords and skills.
  • Well-targeted CVs address the needs of an employer, how you will meet the goals of the role, and match the job description.
  • Make sure your CV stands out, while Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) filter and rank candidates based on relevancy to the job description.

CareerSet provides a single number to score your CV. This helps you get a quick idea of the quality of your CV, and to what extent it has improved over time. But you should be careful to look at the detailed feedback CareerSet provides on how to improve.

We recommend uploading your CV to CareerSet at least once and aiming to achieve a score of 70%. Don’t worry if you get a lower score – simply follow the tips CareerSet gives you before re-submitting.

Every line of your CV is analysed for its impact, brevity and style. This includes your use of action words, the length of your bullet points, and whether your CV is in reverse chronological order, among much more. By paying close attention to the advice CareerSet provides, not only will you improve your score, but you will also enhance your knowledge of what makes a strong CV.

Cover letters

For many job applications, you will need to submit a cover letter with your CV. CareerSet can also help you improve this.

To do this, select ‘review my cover letter’ from the main menu, and paste the job description into the box. Make sure you only include the description of the job you are applying for, like qualifications needed, skills required and desirable experience. You should exclude things like salary details and company information. You will then upload your cover letter.

CareerSet will then score your cover letter out of 100 against its relevance to the job description and general standards for cover letters, such as the presence of correct salutations, overall length and use of buzzwords. Look at this feedback carefully to improve your cover letter, especially when trying to aim your cover letter at this job in particular.

Additional resources and support

  • Need a CV template? If you require a CV template, you can use the ones in the dashboard.
  • Other resources: You will find many relevant resources embedded in CareerSet, such as cover letters, sample CV lines, action verbs and metrics to help you increase your chances of getting hired for your dream role!

How to access CareerSet

Ready to elevate your job application game? Dive into what CareerSet offers!

Please contact the Careers Centre if you have any questions about CareerSet.

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