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I am an Information Officer at the Careers Centre and one of our CV Advisers. I am jointly responsible for the overall management and updating of the Careers Centre website and all Careers Centre resources. You may also see me occasionally working at reception.

Tracey Dall

Options after graduating

In this post, Eve Handy, one of the Careers Centre’s Peer Support Assistants, provides helpful advice and suggestions on what you can do after graduating.

Career Jargon Buster

The language used when describing careers can be confusing.  This post, written by Amy Kinsman, Careers Adviser, lists commonly used career words to help you on your career journey.  

Congratulations graduates!

Congratulations to everyone graduating in November 2023! We know it takes time to transition out of University – that’s why the Careers Centre is here to support you for the next three years!

Funding Your Future

This post provides advice on how the Careers Centre can help you access funds to support you with work-related activity, how to find a part-time job and how to protect yourself against job scams.

Get connected

The Careers Centre has many opportunities to help you network and enhance your employability. In this post, we’ll look at some ways you can get started and get connected!